Intuitive Spiritual Counseling

As an Intuitive Spiritual Counselor it is my purpose to help individuals learn how to ask for help and guidance from the angels, and then to learn how to hear, feel and react to the response they get. Intuitive Spiritual Counseling is counseling directly from your higher source and your angels. A close "best friend" relationship with the angels and our Creator is available to everyone right now, most of us just don't know how to start. Intuitive Counseling is your first step to connecting with your own angelic support team and your higher self.

What is an an Angel Reading?

The word “angel” translates from the Greek language to mean “messenger of God.”  Angels are celestial (nonphysical) beings of pure and Divine light that transcend all barriers of religion and spirituality.  They are here to lovingly assist us in our daily lives and spiritual growth.  The angels are very eager to help each and every human, who asks them for help.Working with the angels opens your mind, heart, and life to the limitless possibilities of joy that exist at every moment.

The purpose of an Angelic Reading is to bring you peace and clarity at this moment in time. It may be for spiritual guidance, insight into a decision you need to make, or how to follow your hearts desire and dreams.  It can be affirmations of what you already know to be true, or revelations of things you need to be aware of. The angels always deliver.  As messengers to the Highest Power, the lessons that they teach us give us a closer connection to God and spirit.

During an Angelic Reading your angels and guides send information through me in the forms of visions, impressions and intuitive feelings.  You can ask your angels specific questions or keep them very general.  I will also use Angel Oracle cards to receive further, more specific information.  The angels will assist you with everyday life concerns, such as careers, jobs, relationships, your soul mate and your life purpose. The angels gift us with their ministering spirits to better equip us to handle life’s challenges.  With a better understanding and a clear picture, you will be better able to love, forgive, heal, and live your life as the beautiful being that you are.

Many clients have found it beneficial to receive a Reiki treatment after the angel reading.

Through my Angels, God has called me to be of service to my clients, bringing comfort and peace to another's journey with Divine Guidance. I am truly honored to have this life purpose and to share with you the love, peace and comfort we all can experience through our angels and through God.

"Ginnie is my spiritual counselor, my muse; she is my connection to source. Her angel readings are right on. Her insight has helped me with important decisions on numerous occasions. Whether it is advice for a business venture or a personal matter, her guidance is immeasurable."  

~Russell Foster

Life-Coach, Author, Speaker---Risk-Taker Extraordinaire